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We currently only support searching for taxis within England, Scotland and Wales. You will still be able to search but only for locations within these countries.

YourTaximeter is no longer operation :(

Due to Google Maps new pricing model, YourTaximeter is no longer operation. Please see our blog post: How Google Maps new pricing model killed our business

Advertise your company to an incredibly targetted audience and continue to quote your customers using the UK's number one taxi fare calculator.

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Every day thousands of people search with us - ready to make a booking. Your company will appear in these results on desktop, iPhone and Android. We're ranked incredibly highly for top keywords on Google.

Custom fares

It's easy to setup custom fares. You can simply copy rates set by the local authority, or you can create your own. It's incredibly customisable meaning there's no restrictions on how you want to set your rates.

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Your company will have an individual page on our site. If you don't have a website, this is an excellent alternative. It will give your customers the information they need in a stylish way. These are optimised to rank highly in Google, with clever structured data.

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Use our stylish embeddable widget on your site to give customers quotes - where they can just see your company.


Your company will appear on our listing pages, that have excellent SEO - meaning they rank highly with Google.

Taxi fare calculator

The taxi fare calculator that you know and love will not be removed from your area, if you're listed there. Continue to quote your customers using the local authority, or your own rates.

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